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Allison Bowman
Image of girl with glasses and red hair in a black and white striped shirt. The background is a botanical painting.

Artist Bio

Allison Bowman is a practicing multidisciplinary artist and advocate who creates experiences for everyday people using paintings, collage, and wearable media. After graduating with a BFA in Fine Art from Kansas State University in 2017 she moved to the Kansas City area to pursue her art career. Her artwork explores the line between the creative and subconscious mind. Bowman studies human connections to nature and how it relates to mental health and wellbeing. Bowman recently completed a public mural in Ogden, Kansas for the Ogden Elementary School musical garden project. She is passionate about making art accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Artist Statement

My multi-layered and elaborate compositions create imagined environments using abstracted botanical forms. The improvisational quality of my artwork stems from responses to organic compounds found in nature and my exploration between the conscious and subconscious mind. These forms are derived from overgrown, uncultivated areas of the forest floor. Gestural shapes and lush color promote analysis over time in these richly dense compositions.


Creating these abstracted environments began as a meditative act to cope with trauma in my past. By creating these environments, I allowed myself to explore spaces of escape; mental and physical. My work persuades myself and my viewers to self-reflect in a time of isolation. During this isolation I started to wonder, how do these environments even come to be?

Creating art is a very intuitive process to me. I let the media lead, and then allow response. As I create, I make conscious and sub-conscious decisions on how to proceed with my layers. Painting is a process of letting go and escaping. These spaces become sacred because of their intimacy. Each mark and layer of color is a reaction to the world around me. Adding, subtracting, covering, revealing… the process is one of discovery. These imagined worlds speak to the journey of their own making and to the power and mystery of nature.

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